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End To End Gaming Solution's

Bringing You Innovative Solutions That Will Drive Increased Visitation To Your Venue 

We specialise in delivering a fully integrated portfolio of customised technology platforms, robust systems and unrivalled professional services and marketing solutions to land based operators that will extend their current live player base and provide additional revenue streams.

Strategic Entertainment is a social gaming company based in Sydney, Australia that that designs and develops products for the international gaming industry,  these products include; online games and live events.

Through our innovative technology we are revolutionising the poker and casino social e-gaming market through our unique white-label software platform designed specifically for land based operators looking to enter into the interactive social e-gaming space.

Our products are unique and working closely with our law firms in Las Vegas, Sydney and Melbourne, we ensure that what we offer is compliant with government requirements and intellectual property is protected.

Above all we strive to ensure that our products provide a satisfying and entertaining experience to all participants whilst maintaining a market advantage for our partners.



Innovative e-gaming social poker & casino solutions

What We Offer

Our customized, social casino and poker solution has been specifically developed for land based operators
Expand Live Player Base

By connecting your players online gameplay with land based rewards & prizes. Incentivising them back to your property.

Re-engage Existing Players

Re-engage and reactivate churned players, whilst building brand loyalty.


Effectively target and connect with millennial through online social gameplay.

Increase Brand Awareness

Your online solution is an extension of your casino reinforcing your brand.


Learn All About the Advantages that Our Solution Has to Offer

Customise Your Players Experience

We offer a customized, branded social e-gaming casino and poker platform. We will work with your team to understand the current player environment including size, demographics and Live Tournament schedules in order to learn more about your key business objectives and rewards programmes to best customize the platform structure to suit your needs.

We will provide you with a downloadable IOS/Android Application and Web flash and HTML5 versions, making the platform and games fully mobile optimised and compatible for any Apple or Windows devices, Apple and android tablet or phone devices with Internet.

User Experience That Drives Players Back To Your Land Based Operation.

Our product and user-experience has also been specifically designed to create a continuous life-cycle that sees online use directly feed on-property visitation.


We will help you build an interactive, social e-gaming and poker community that will allow your players to benefit from a fun, legal place to play online with strong incentives to come back to your property.


Our Products

Social Poker and Casino Solutions
Poker Platfrom

We will supply you with a fully branded downloadable IOS/Android Application, Web flash and HTML5 poker application and front end website.


We will work with your team to customise the platform to suit your business objectives. Depending on your requirements, due to the platforms versatility you can set the platform up as a 'Free to Play' or Subscription' based model. Both of which can be monetised successfully generating additional revenue and incentivising players to return back to your property whilst extending your brand.

Social Casino Games

Our free to play Slots, Roulette and Craps will extend the player experience beyond your casino doors. Our games are interactive and mobile compatible for players on the go. 

We will work with you to tie-in property rewards with online game play to further incentives players back to your casino.

Multi Level Tournament System

Our patented tournament concept offers you with the ability to create a live poker tournament and inevitably the largest prize pool of any poker tournament. 


The unique Multi-Level Tournament design gives every poker player a realistic opportunity to play in a major live tournament. 

Our Multi-Level Tournament system uses multiple players registered to play in varying levels in the same tournament where players compete with other players, irrespective of the level of registration of the other player. 

By mixing players from different levels we have developed a unique prize pool format to suit this multi level tournament structure. 


The advantage of running a Multi-Level Tournament is the ability to utilize as many levels as you wish with varying entry fees to suit a particular tournament.

We also offer you the ability to utilize our poker platform to run lower level tournament entries and pre qualifiers. 

Platform Monetization

Just as important as extending the Casino offering in to an online platform, Strategic Entertainments solution provides multiple possibilities to increase revenue.

Secure sponsored partners to purchase naming rights to Online Tournaments and sponsor prizes.


Players can purchase in game points packages which can be used to enter certain tournaments and games where a points entry fee has been set

Subscription Fee's

The platform can be operated by charging multiple level subscription membership fees.


The ability to charge online advertising real estate space, throughout the website and game platform page.

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